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About Us

Lotte Boutique is the perfect destination for every sophisticated and fun woman. Our goal is to ensure that each woman carries her own message through our exclusive pieces of clothing. We strive to choose each piece meticulously so that our clients can feel and look amazing with our selection. That is and will always be our greatest achievement.

That said, Lotte has been one of those dreams for years that out of fear of failing had never taken that step to begin. Until the end, with nothing to lose, We finally took a chance. And here we are. The main minds have been Charlotte, Matthew and Baby Lucas (7 months). But we are not the only ones. Behind Lotte Boutique is a huge army of family and friends who have been supporting us since the beginning. We are very grateful and we are blessed.

We hope you fall in love with this project just like us and that you find your perfect outfit here.

                                                             From us to you with love

                                                          -Charlotte, Matthew & Lucas